Monday, January 31, 2011

Fake showers

I love going to bootcamp in the mornings. Having an organized class to get to motivates me to get up in the mornings. Knowing my sister will be there helps a lo too (as do her texts while we are both still in bed). I feel energized and peaceful when I'm done. We did yoga today. It was so hard and rewarding and fun and now I am sore already.

The only downfall is that bootcamp gets over at 7:00, and I have to be at work at 7:15. My church is only two miles from my job, so I rush over there. I have a package of baby wipes in my gym bag that I "shower" with. I wash my face and use dry shampoo on my hair, which usually gets pulled back into a ponytail again. I manage to put a few drops of makeup on and call it good (the babies don't care about makeup anyway). I really don't like not feeling clean after a workout, but I haven't figured out a better solution yet. Any thoughts?

Also, my hair is usually in a ponytail 6 days a week. I need some style ideas for how I can wear it after a workout. A braid is the only option I have thought of. This messy bun thing is my usual go-to work an workout hairstyle.

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  1. That first sentence threw me for a loop...I had to re-read it, lol. Look at your flat belly!! What kind of dry shampoo do you use? I can't find any that I like well enough to re-buy. I tried the Treseme'e because it's so cheap, but it leaves a TON of residue and my hair just feels like I walked through a dust storm.

    My hair was always in a ponytail (or bun) too when I was growing it out. Here are my hair ideas:
    Messy bun, low and off to the side
    Headband, with or without a ponytail
    side braid
    french braid
    french twist
    high bun with a ribbon
    make a deep part to one side, then put a clip in the side with more hair.
    mist it with a water bottle, add some mousse, and wear it curly.
    ok...that's all I've got for now.

  2. Oh nothing is really like washing your hair with real shampoo and water! If I were you I would just blowdry the sweat out of your hair, spritz some smelly sauce on and go about the day! And definitely wash your face too :)

    I agree with all the hairstyles that Laurie suggested above. Can you wear a cute headband? What about a stylish hat? You could soft braid your hair to one side. Or braid your hair around your face at the front of your head. Or leave it down, so what if it has a little kink in it from the hairband!

  3. I envy that you have a class close to you AND someone to go with!
    I'm a hard core pony tail fan..but I think braids are super cute (and easy!) too!