Saturday, February 26, 2011

Happy Birthday to Lee/ Going Away Party #1

Lee's Dad's side of the family got together last night to celebrate his birthday and wish him good luck at boot camp and technical school.

Look at my sweet man

He is getting old!

Brothers gotta hug

Friday, February 25, 2011

Platinum Rule

Today I went to Pryor for work training.  I was excited to hear that our guest speaker after lunch was going to talk about helping families who have military members in the family.  Though I don't have any kids in my class with military members in their family, I have in the past and know that I probably will again in the future.  The information given was really helpful, and I really enjoy learning new things.  I learned that parenting stress doubles during deployment, and that 1 in 5 kids show distress while a parent is deployed.  The guest speaker emphasized the Platinum Rule- Do unto others as you would have them do unto others.  Though I don't actually think that we need the platinum rule as I think the golden rule still sums it all up, I think it is good to remember to speak kind to others because we don't always know what they are going through.

Here are some links to two videos that I thought highlighted the importance of the relationships between kids and their military parent:
Sailor and Son
Military Reunions

Here are some links to some of the info I liked:
Zero to Three
Military One Source
7 Cs of Resilience

I felt like the training was speaking exactly to me.  Lee leaves for bootcamp and technical school in just over two weeks- yikes!  I've been living in denial, but they truth is that it is creeping up on me.  I need to stop pretending that it isn't happening and start focusing on the fact that he's leaving.  It makes me sad and I usually cry when we talk about it. 

I also learned that I'm going to Dallas for work training two days before Lee leaves...which means that we will be having our goodbye before he leaves for 6 months.  I am really not sure how I feel about it yet.  Maybe it's good, maybe it's bad.  I am really excited about the training, but I think it will make it harder to learn the material when I'm busy blubbering into Kleenex in the back row.

Are you from a military family?  Do you have any advice for me as Lee is leaving?

Crush Luxe

One of my favorite blogs is having a big giveaway. Go to and check out Genevieve's site and enter to win for a BM handbag!

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Toe-tally Fantastic

Tuesday morning I went to the doctor to finally get my toe "fixed."  It's a long, gross story, but basically I got a really bad blister running my first half marathon last April.  That, combined with a weakened immune system from my miscarriage and the wart virus (picked up anywhere I would have been barefoot) combined to give me an "atypical" infection in my toe.  It was disgusting and it hurt. I had already had it treated for when my PCP thought it was a fungus.  Since it wasn't a fungus, the treatment didn't work. So I chose to go to a specialist.

I have a great podiatrist.  If anyone in the Tulsa area ever needs one, I highly recommend Dr Jill Jackson-Smith at Metro Tulsa Foot and Ankle Specialists.  She impressed me.  She is kind, intelligent, and she explains everything to you.  I really hate doctors who act as if they are so superior or just make decisions for you without explaining them.  She is not like that at all.  She gave me several options, and let me know what they would each be like.  Plus, they have the best selection of magazines in the waiting room that I have ever seen.  Big bonus.  I had People and Health and Lee (who I dragged along to be my extra set of ears since I don't listen very well and only hear about half of what doctors tell me) had Field and Stream and ESPN.

Dr Jill put a solution on my toe to get rid of the yucky stuff.  The mixture is cantharidin (acid from a blister beetle) and salacylic acid.  And it hurts like heck.  It was some of the worst pain I have ever felt- I couldn't sleep.  It's been two days and I still can't walk or put weight on my foot.  My toe looked gross before, but now it seriously is one of the grossest things I've seen.  As one of my students would say, it's "nasty".  I'm taking Lortab, which is making me itch all over.   I have a nice little rash from it.  My skin hates medicine.  (Side note: I have also been lucky enough to have my Aunt Flow come visit during this toe experience.  The good news is that the Lortab totally took care of my cramps!)

Don't worry, I won't post any pictures of my actual toe.  I'm not mean.

I hadn't expected to miss so much work, so that kind of stinks.  I left at 9:30 Tuesday fully expecting to make it back by noon for a webinar I had signed up for.  But that plan failed....and here I am, 48 hours later, still on the couch, still in pain, still in the same pj pants.  Tomorrow is a training day, so I plan to get my disgusting toe up to work and learn something. 

Sorry for such an unglamorous post.  The Lortab has drained every smidge of creativity from me- I can't think of anything more fun to write about than my yucky toe.  That's sad folks, really sad.

Do you have any interesting or gross medical stories?  What do you hate or love about doctors?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Poker Run

Today Jennifer, Becky, and I participated in Runners's World's Poker Run. The Poker Run is designed as a fundraiser for the free training they provide. The "race" cost $5, and when you paid they handed you a playing card. As you ran along the 5 mile out-and-back course, you were given another card at each mile. At the end of the race everyone got to pick out prizes, starting with the best poker hand. I ended up with a 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6... There may have been a tiny little bit of card trading going on. Shhh.

This was a really fun event. The atmosphere was lively, and I liked combining my scheduled training run with poker. I will definitely do it again. Especially because it helps pay for the snacks and drinks provided during my training runs.

Jennifer, me, Becky

A view of the river. We saw a majestic bald eagle, but he flew away before I could get his picture.

After we ran, Lee and I took my younger sister Alicia for her inaugural Tastee Treat visit. Even though Lee and his family are regulars, we were surprised to find out that they offer seasoned curly fries in addition to the regular and regular curly fries. Who knew?

Just a gripe...I am going to attempt Stuffing Muffins to take to LIFEgroup tomorrow night. I had to make a dreaded Walmart run. When I got there, all of the carts had trash in them. All of them! Seriously people, put your garbage in the trash can. It is gross.

Today was also a great day because I went to Fleet Feet and got new running shoes. Yay!!! I love Fleet Feet. My sister Margaret Ann and brother Matthew got me gift cards for Christmas, and I was really thankful for them.

My pretty, shiny Mizuno Wave Inspires are on top. My old and faithful Brooks Ravennas are on bottom.

I will miss the shoes that got me through my first half. I am oddly sentimental about them.

PS- here is a picture of the shorts I won at the poker run.

Have you ever gotten a good prize at a race?

What are your favorite kind of French fries?

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Caffeine Overload

I have had three sodas and a caramel latte today. I am wired!!!!!

The response to this hyperactivity is of course a post of me getting ready to go get coffee with my friend Laurie.

I have naturally curly hair. When I wear it curly, I get out of the shower and wrap it up turban style in a towel. I let it dry a little and then use a leave in conditioner and product in it. My favorite curly products are from Redken. I flip my head over and dry it on low about 80% dry with a diffuser.

Do I have any curly friends out there? What are your styling tips or favorite products?

Wet and clean (no products):

Do you know how hard it is to take a picture of yourself drying your hair upside down?


Dry and volumized:

My arsenal for the day:

Degree Deodorant
Philosophy Hope in a Jar Spf 15 Moisturizer
Sunsilk Captivating Curls
got2b Guardian Angel Blow Out Lotion
Soap and Glory Girligo Moisturizing Mist
Vita Fusion Prenatal Vitamins
Bare Minerals Mineral Veil and Kabuki brush
Victorias's Secret Fall Face Palette and Lip Gloss
Michael Kors Very Hollywood Perfume
Also, do you like my shot glasses as bobby pin and jewelry holders?  Or my snowman who now has hair ties on his hat?

The end result:

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Six Snow Days and Kupcakz

After I got off work tonight, Lee and I received an invitation from my friend Kristin to go to dinner with her, her husband Brett, and their beautiful 8 month old daughter. It was so fun to spend time with our friends. They are a strong, funny, Godly couple and we love to hang out with them. They were kind enough to treat us to dinner. At first my pride protested, but God gently reminded me to get out of His way so that they could be blessed by blessing us. Who am I to deny them a chance to be obedient? Even though Lee has no job, we are so lucky to barely have noticed it so far.

We came home and I sat on the couch waiting to find out if school is cancelled for tomorrow. I must have refreshed the school cloaings internet page a hindred times And big surprise, It Is for the seventh consecutive day. Supposedly we are getting around six more inches tonight. I am getting tired of this. Plus, I am eating everything in sight. At work a few of my co-workers and I ran a couple of errands. While we were out I remembered I had a Groupon to Kupcakz, a yummy cupcake bakery. So of course we had to stop and get some.

A few of them got smashed as we smuggled them in to work. We didn't have enough to share, so we sneaking shoved them in my co- teacher's giant purse.

Now the honey and I are relaxing and reading. It has been refreshing to spend the last two nights immersed in literature and not television. You all know I lovey trashy, drama laden tv, but sometimes I need silence and intelligence.

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Makeupless Monday

This is me without makeup. I think it's important to see ourselves and other women without makeup. Don't worry, I'm not about to get on a soap box (I'll save that for another day and another topic. Haha.) I love being creative with makeup and the self expression it brings. But I know that I shy away from being photographed without makeup on. I shouldn't. I am beautiful this way. And so are you.

Snowpocalypse is still leaving its mark here. Many towns in our area have been closed for five snow days already with a sixth to follow tomorrow, and the weatherman is predicting a fresh new batch of the fluffy whiteness tomorrow night. Because the weather has been so insane, most of the grocery stores around are very low on supplies.

Hope you didn't want meat!

The food shortages bring me to deep thoughts about what the world can be like. Again, not getting on a soap box, but as Americans we are beyond blessed. I often forget how lucky I am. Despite the fact that my husband has been unemployed since December, we haven't known true hunger. There have been nights of leftovers and of cooking random stuff from ingredients long forgotten in the depths of the pantry or freezer, but still we are blessed.

I just finished The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. The books were amazing. The first one moved a little slowly, but the second two had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. The author's talent is evident as she weaves such a complex, riveting story. I think they are categorized as "teen" books, but I didn't feel that they were gimmicky or immature. Quite the opposite. I highly recommend these books. If you have already read them and want to discuss them, let me know!

I'll leave you with a shot of the playground from the back door at work. Stay warm and safe!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowmageddon Continues

Everything was closed again today.  Lucky for us Lee has four-wheel drive and we were able to get out and about.  It's funny that going to Walmart can be so exciting.  (Side note: Were you aware that they unhyphenated the name?  Go here to read more.)  We spent most of the day at his parents, watching Top Chef and discussing wedding details.  Lee's sister is getting married in May and I am her matron of honor.  I am seriously excited.  I am about to jumpstart planning her personal shower/ bachelorette party, so if you have any suggestions, please send them my way.  Lee is supposed to be a groomsman, but at this point it's up in the air whether or not he will be there.  He will be done at bootcamp but have a week or so before technical school starts.  His wedding attendance is dependent on the higher-ups in his officers, and we are praying in faith that he can be there.

I got this hat in Alaska a few years ago.  I love the bright colors.

Taking care of the birds.

Somehow we ended up without any soda in the house.  I had been cutting it down to 12 ounces or less a day...but as you can tell, I jumped right back on the caffeine cab and loved every second of it.

The view of our house from the main road.

The pasture by our house.  I think it is for sale.

The concrete company.  I bet it looks extra spooky at night with all the snow.

Handsome man.

My job is closed again tomorrow.  It will be our final paid snow day.  If we are closed more this season, they take the time out of our annual leave... which I say "Boo" to.  I am trying to save my vacation time up to visit Lee when he is in San Angelo for techinical school this summer.  Supposedly if I can make it in to the center I could work, even if the school is technically closed.  Which I guess doesn't sound so terrible really.  It would give me a chance to catch up on miles of paperwork stacked up and waiting for me.  And I could deep clean and sanitize the room and the toys.

I didn't work out today.  Maybe I will do some squats and push ups or something, but I didn't even attempt to do a workout.  I am lazy today!  And cold.  I will run tomorrow like a good girl.

What do you guys do to pass the time?  I'm not too bored yet.  Mostly just enjoying being still and not rushing from one place to another.  I have cleaning and homework and organizing and scrapbooking and correspondence to do.  But I kind of think I should capitalize on this chance and either do something really fun or do nothing.  Hmmm. 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Running Tuesday

Today is Running Tuesday!!

As much as I would have liked to run outside today, my plans had to change it up a little because of this--

My city got hit by "Snowmageddon" last night.  Last I heard we were at about a foot of snow.  Everything is closed.  EVERYTHING. 

Lee and I got to spend a fun day home alone.  The snow is deep enough that Lee couldn't get out in his truck, even though it is a 4x4 and he is super tough.  

Here is a view of our street.  What street, you ask?  Exactly.  Our street is gone.  One of the disadvantages of not living in a neighborhood is not having traffic on your road.  Though at this time the news is telling everyone to stay in and off the roads since the weather is so bad.

Since I was bored and watching way too much tv, it took me awhile before I got motivated to run.  I have a new addition to the family- a treadmill!  Lee got his grandma's old treadmill last week, and I am happy to say that she has a new home in our game room.  I hate the treadmill (like seriously hate it), but it turned out to be really handy for our snow-in.  I popped in season 9 of Friends and made it through a few slow miles.

After my shower I played with makeup and hairstyles for awhile.  I have several eyeshadow palettes I don't use on a regular basis, and it was fun to use the shades in a new way.

Lee and I have watched a bunch of tv and eaten a ton of food.  Currently we are watching NCIS.  He is making queso and I am eating mini-corndogs.  Yeah, we are totally gourmet here.

Here are my January Stats:

Miles- 53
Cross Training Workouts- 13