Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hash Brown Fail

I love Pinterest.  Seriously.  The amount of fantastic ideas astound me.  I could never have another original thought and live soley off Pinterest for the rest of my life.  Just wake up each day and make/ create the first Pin I see.  That actually sounds like a pretty awesome documentary idea right there.  I'll let you take my idea if you promise me just a tiny fraction of the cut.  Like 10%?  It could be legendary.

I saw a Pin that showed hash browns being cooked in a waffle iron.  it was just so simple.  Spray the pan, dump in hash browns, close the waffle iron, walk away.  It just so happened that my LifeGroup was having breakfast for dinner this week, so I signed up to make it.

(There is an entire website,, dedicated to foods you can make in a waffle iron, such a pretzels, mac and cheese, and so on.)

My result was a little less than spectacular.  It seemed that the waffle iron just didn't get hot enough to cook the hash browns.  I could tell that if the iron got hot enough it would have been fantastic, but alas.

The poor little hash brown fail meant that I had a lot of leftover uncooked hash browns.  Which is a random thing to try to eat the rest of the week.  Tonight I made a nice little conction that I'll deem as a "hashwich".  Unless that sounds too druglike.  In that case my recipe will remain unnamed and probably unrepeated. 

I made a piece of toast.  I cooked the hash browns with some deli meat chicken (I hate lunch meat, but it seemed like good protein).  Then I fried an egg.  Yes, I know, frying is bad.  But delicious.  Then I piled everything on top of itself.  And ate it with gusto.

What should I do with the rest of my hash browns?