Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Philosophy and The OC

I started using the Makeup Optional line by Philosophy about two months ago.  It was suggested to me by an employee of Sephora (check out their blog here).  I've always been a drugstore girl, mostly Oil of Olay with a little Aveeno or something random thrown in.  I feel a little glamorous using products that smell so scrumptious and actually match.  The price is a little steeper than I like, but you only need to use a tiny amount and it appears that the bottles will last forever.

The products really are amazing.  I feel like the tone of my skin has improved.  I feel glowy and healthy.  And I have barely broken out at all since I started using it.  I am now a huge fan of the Philosophy line.  Any other fans out there?

Two Christmases ago Lee's Aunt Cheryl got me season three of The OC.  I had never seen the show before, and I assumed she thought she was getting me a season of One Tree Hill (which used to be my favorite.)  I tried to take it back to Borders, but they wouldn't accept a return without a receipt.  So it sat on my shelf for the last two years.  Finally I took the plunge and bought a used copy of season one at Vintage Stock.  I'm about halfway through it, and I'm actually kind of enjoying it.  I'm a sucker for high school dramas.  I suppose part of me never grew up and is still stupefied by the allure of teenage drama.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Running Tuesday

Today is Running Tuesday, the day to brag about your runs/ workouts today.  Which would be great....if I had any runs or workouts to report.  This is midterms week, and I haven't ran since last Thursday.  I have four, count 'em f-o-u-r, awful tests this week.  (I have been a spoiled Social Work student up until this point, content to write essays and engage in rousing discussions about saving the world and haven't taken a test since I started at NSU).  My legs are stiff and my knees hurt for some reason (actually, to think about it, it's probably because my arches are getting flattened out since I'm not wearing the shoes with the inserts.)  All I have done is sit and study and stare at pages and pages of information that I don't care enough about to miss a run but am forced to because of this whole ambiguous concept of "an education."

I'll stop complaining and post a few pictues instead.  That should cheer us up.  Well, it will cheer me up anyway.  The rest of you are on your own.

Dinner this weekend at the Cheesecake Factory!  Yum.  We would suggest the Tiramasu cheesecake.  We would not suggest the chicken samosas.  And I'm not sure you can go there and not get a peach bellini (best in town for sure.)

Aren't my friends beautiful?  They are even more gorgeous on the inside!  So blessed to have had them in my life all of these years.

Somehow I am now included in the dark hair club.  Darn Supercuts.

Trevor (my sister-in-law Lauren's  boyfriend) passed his EMT Basic National Registry Test.  And you have to celebrate that kind of news with a cookie cake, of course.

Lee's punishment for ruining what would have been a fantastic picture of us is having it posted on the Internet for all to see.

The boys after dinner at Grandma's this Sunday. 

The girls.

All the grandkids (add or minus a few.)

Observing the youth at church.  Notice the gramatical error on the tagged car (which my brother and his friends are responsible.  Matthew wanted it to be clear that he knows that difference between your and you're.)  I'm not really sure what was going on here, but the boy in the cowboy hat (Taylor) appeared to be trying to slimjim the windows to unlock the car.  I just like how there's a crowd watching him so intently.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mail Call

When I got home from class Tuesday night and checked the mail, I had a package!  I love getting mail.  Any kind of mail (ok, except for bills.  Those I could do without.  In fact, when the mail is full of bills, I have been known to just dump them on Lee's desk unopened and run the other way.)  But this was a package from a company I'd never heard of, so I was really curious to see what it was.

As I ripped it open, a tshirt fell out.  And not just any tshirt.  An OKC Memorial training tshirt!  I guess I had purchased it when I signed up for the half and forgotten about it.  (I also must have not understood that I was ordering it, because I don't think that I would have chosen to spend my money on a shirt that says I'm "in training" for a race.  But oh well.)  I've been wearing it to every run, and I do feel like it's a little motivational.

Look at my awesome tshirt!!!  Go, me, go!!

A pic pre-run today.  Today was my first official day of being part-time at work.  It's amazing.  I slept in.  I got to run in the middle of the day.  I've been studying for my midterms next week.  I'm blogging.  Yay!  I thought about cleaning the house.  (I'll get to that when midterms are over, haha.)  I will probably have to develop a general plan for my days "off" and treat them like a job still, or else I'm going to waste those days.  Any suggestions for setting a schedule to get my homework done, the house cleaned, and a meal prepared?  I'd also like to run/ workout on those days.

So apparently this is my new signature pose, with my right knee all kicked out and sassy.  This is me at the softball park after my run.  I ran slow both times this week.  Not purposefully, but that's just how it ended up.  Today was four miles in 42 something minutes.  I really want to join the 2:15 pace group at the race in April, so I'm going to try and step it up a little.  Anybody know anything about pace groups?

Tonight Lee and I are going to have dinner with a couple from our LIFEgroup.  We haven't hung out with them in awhile, so it should be fun.  I don't really know her that well, so it will be nice to deepen our friendship.  Where should we eat?

Monday, March 1, 2010

Gels and Shadows

In all of my birthday excitement, I forgot to mention that Lee and I went for a long run on Saturday.  Though it was frigidly cold, we bundled up and ran at the softball park.  I lost most of my layers within the first mile, so I aplogize for my hat hair in the upcoming pictures.

We ran a sub 30 minute 5k!!  It is seriously so exciting to me when this happens.

Trying to make it around the "lake". 

My sunglasses kept fogging up.  But I don't want to pay for good running sunglasses.  Though I have some picked out in case I win the lottery.

I think this was my next-to-last lap.  I experimented using a Cliff gel at mile 5 (even though most people recommend that you don't use one until after you've been working out for over an hour.)  If you have never tried one before, let me explain to you that your very first thought is "I'm suffocating!!!"  Then there is an overwhelming salty sensation.  And then sweet berry goodness takes over.  I didn't feel any sudden rush of energy or anything, but I do think my recovery was less brutal than usual.

Finishing up my 5.55 miles (in 52.53 minutes).  Just starting to get tired.  Felt like I could have kept going, which is good because in eight weeks I have to run thirteen miles!!  Whooo!