About Me

My name is Katherine Elizabeth, which my parents attempted to force people to call me growing up.  I was able to wiggle it down to just Katherine, though my mom still calls me by my full name (even when I'm not in trouble.)  I live in a cozy little suburb of Tulsa, Oklahoma, where I've lived my entire life.  I am blessed with two younger sisters and a younger brother- we are close and I'm so thankful for them.

I have been married to the love of my life for almost six years.  My husband Lee is my best friend, my inspiration, my funny bone, my everything.  We were almost high school sweethearts- though I took him to my senior prom, we didn't start dating until the June after I graduated.  He works hard and with integrity every day, and I am so proud of him.  He is an EMT and currently serves in the Oklahoma 138th Fighter Wing of the Air National Guard. We live in the house that his grandparents built fifty-five years ago.  We love to run together, spend time with our families, and eat sushi.  We love to watch seasons of tv on dvd together, but are too busy right now to do that much.  We have most recently been working our way through seasons of Bones on Netflix.

We have two dogs that are our babies.  (And that's how you'll hear me call for them to come inside.  "Babies, where are you?")  Callie (Caldecott Maefield) is our purebred white Lab.  She is the sweetest, most obedient dog.  She loves to please and also to swim.  Lee takes her out to the family land fairly often and she thinks she is hot stuff.  She will be five years old on the fifth of May (she is our little Cinco de Mayo baby, born on 05-05-05.)  With Callie, our lives were neat and orderly.  She seemed a little lonely, so we searched to find her a friend.  And then Quincy bounded into our lives, a little fuzzball of energy and licking.  Quinnie was free on Craigslist.  That should have been a sign.  He was just six weeks old when we got him, and was deceptively cute.  He is a chewer and a licker, but we are in love with him anyway.

I am a full time college student, pursuing my Psychology- Mental Health degree at Northeastern State University.  I will graduate in December of 2011.  I work as an educator at Early Head Start, where I teach in a multi-age classroom of eight kids aged three and under.  The job is amazing because I get to work both with children and their families. 

I have ran in one half marathon and am planning my next.  I am pretty slow, but love to run and do it about three times a week.