Sunday, January 2, 2011

College Fashion

I took two college intersession classes this month.  Bleh.  Class over Christmas break is yucky.  In order to walk in May and graduate in the summer, I took two criminal justice courses, Criminal Gangs and Law in Film.  They were so interesting!  I wish I had taken more criminal justice courses earlier in my college career. 

I just finished my final paper for my Criminal Gangs class.  I wrote it over the Irish Travellers, which aren't so much a gang as much as they are an ethnic group.  I think I did an amazing job on my paper.  :)  Gold star for me.  My teacher probably sent us seven messages regarding plagiarism, and when reading everyone else's final papers, I think somehow they missed his APA and works cited memos.  This is my favorite comment "I did not use APA format or cite any sources because I did not use any quotes. I put everything in my own words. I came up a little short of 6 pages but hopefully I did everything else correctly."  I am a little confused as to how he wrote six pages over the Aryan brotherhood without outside sources... 

Anyway, one of my current favorite blogs is College Fashion.  Since I normally go to class right after work, I show up in a variety of food and paint covered scrubs.  However, if I had a "real" job that didn't involve sweet, messy children, I would totally follow the cool advice on this site.  When I read the article about only wearing dresses for a month, I was hooked.  I love dresses.  So so much.  Like seriously so much.  I would like to do a fashion challenge of some kind, but it seems kind of impractical for the way my life is right now.  I am going to try and brainstorm a fun idea.  Maybe I can't do fashion, but I could do makeup or hair?  Any suggestions?

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