Sunday, January 23, 2011

Snow Days

I love being a teacher! We had two snow days this week, making for a four day weekend. It was so nice to be home with my husband and lazily watch tv and do nothing. It was extra nice because my mom and sisters both teach, so they were home, and my dad doesn't work. Lee's brother and sister's college classes were cancelled, his dad had only a few short jobs, and his mom's office closed. So we got to see everyone!!!!

Tonight Lee and I made store bought hash browns for our Lifegroup's breakfast for dinner. I wouldn't really recommend this kind.

I posted this picture to show how much I love cleaning up a non-stick pan. Toxins and all. :)

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  1. I miss snow days so much! That sounds so fun to get all the family together!

    Today was freezing in line! I love the snow, just from my house or skiing. Not standing in line! Also, there was a great amount of triumph felt when I got my wristband (see my blog for my new quick post :) ) It had better be a good game tomorrow!