Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The plank and venison Mexican casserole

Today one of my sisters and I went to the new workout class at church. (The other sister stayed in bed. At the time I found that to be the better choice). Most of the women who showed up to work out were older than MA and me. Some were grandmas. They were all very nice, but part of me was worried that i wouldn't get enough of a workout. I'm sure it must be hard to plan an exercise regimen for such a variety of ages and fitness classes. The class was a good place to start working out again with a group. We did the basics like lunges, squats, and push ups. I even held a plank for a whole minute, which I did not know I could do!

The first thing I saw when I got there to workout was the vending machine. Ironic.

My sweet house- husband made dinner tonight. Since his company shut down, he has been great about helping around the house. Since I've been continually enrolled in classes, it's made it easier for me to get my homework done.

His grandma got us this cookbook at a thrift sale. I love cookbooks!!

Did you know that the hunk of fake cheese is called a loaf of Velveeta? That's weird to me.

Venison Mexican casserole. Je also made venison Rotel dip. My other sister and brother joined us. We had a nice evening of watching Friends and eating the baklava my brother and his friends made.

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