Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Running Tuesday

Today is Running Tuesday!!

As much as I would have liked to run outside today, my plans had to change it up a little because of this--

My city got hit by "Snowmageddon" last night.  Last I heard we were at about a foot of snow.  Everything is closed.  EVERYTHING. 

Lee and I got to spend a fun day home alone.  The snow is deep enough that Lee couldn't get out in his truck, even though it is a 4x4 and he is super tough.  

Here is a view of our street.  What street, you ask?  Exactly.  Our street is gone.  One of the disadvantages of not living in a neighborhood is not having traffic on your road.  Though at this time the news is telling everyone to stay in and off the roads since the weather is so bad.

Since I was bored and watching way too much tv, it took me awhile before I got motivated to run.  I have a new addition to the family- a treadmill!  Lee got his grandma's old treadmill last week, and I am happy to say that she has a new home in our game room.  I hate the treadmill (like seriously hate it), but it turned out to be really handy for our snow-in.  I popped in season 9 of Friends and made it through a few slow miles.

After my shower I played with makeup and hairstyles for awhile.  I have several eyeshadow palettes I don't use on a regular basis, and it was fun to use the shades in a new way.

Lee and I have watched a bunch of tv and eaten a ton of food.  Currently we are watching NCIS.  He is making queso and I am eating mini-corndogs.  Yeah, we are totally gourmet here.

Here are my January Stats:

Miles- 53
Cross Training Workouts- 13

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  1. I cracked up at 'totally gourmet'! It's nice sometimes to have those junk food/freezer clean out days!
    We're covered up with snow here too! Blech! Come on spring!!