Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Counting sheep

Does anyone else have trouble sleeping? For me, it's usually all mental. I toss and turn, unable to sleep because I just can't turn off my brain.

I've relied on the natural sleep aid melatonin for a few years, and it's really been a wonder drug. The chiropractor told me today that it even helps with allergies. However, the last few nights my melatonin has failed. I don't know if I need to cut out caffeine or work out more (probably both actually), but it's bad.

A new ladies' workout class starts at my church tomorrow. I am supposed to pick up my sisters at 5:45... Why can't I sleep?

I am really excited about the class. I think we are doing P90X, which I own already, but it will be fun to work out with my sister and church ladies. And it's exactly what I need to motivate me to work out in the mornings since I work all day and then have class.

I guess I should stop blogging and try counting sheep again....

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