Friday, January 7, 2011

Bits of beautiful

Today was a normal day with bits of beautiful sprinkled in. Margaret Ann and I worked out again with the class at church. It was an upper body and abs day- whoo!! I want toned arms and abs... And legs and booty... Well ok, just everything really. The workout really targeted my triceps. We used resistance bands- man, those things are deceptively hard. It made lifting babies at work a liitle bit more challenging than usual. For some reason they frown on dropping children there, so there were no "flying" trips today. I know I don't talk about work much on here, but I am blessed to have a job I love so much. I like to go to work. Most people don't. But a day with my sweet babies is never really work- every day is a fun new day full of developmental milestones, lots of laughter, and many diaper changes.

After work, Lee and my brother had to haul brush out to "the country". That is the spot we buried our baby, and I hadn't been back since then (which I have a lot of guilt about). Lee and I had a really sweet moment sitting on her rock and looking out on the land. Our God is good, and sometimes troubles can cover that fact.

I cried and was sad, but I have a lot of comfort remembering that God is in control. It will always be a sad thing, and I will always hold her to my heart. But God knows, and understands, and holds me.

And now it's off to bed for me. Tomorrow is the first official day of training for my next half marathon!!!

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