Saturday, February 12, 2011

Poker Run

Today Jennifer, Becky, and I participated in Runners's World's Poker Run. The Poker Run is designed as a fundraiser for the free training they provide. The "race" cost $5, and when you paid they handed you a playing card. As you ran along the 5 mile out-and-back course, you were given another card at each mile. At the end of the race everyone got to pick out prizes, starting with the best poker hand. I ended up with a 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6... There may have been a tiny little bit of card trading going on. Shhh.

This was a really fun event. The atmosphere was lively, and I liked combining my scheduled training run with poker. I will definitely do it again. Especially because it helps pay for the snacks and drinks provided during my training runs.

Jennifer, me, Becky

A view of the river. We saw a majestic bald eagle, but he flew away before I could get his picture.

After we ran, Lee and I took my younger sister Alicia for her inaugural Tastee Treat visit. Even though Lee and his family are regulars, we were surprised to find out that they offer seasoned curly fries in addition to the regular and regular curly fries. Who knew?

Just a gripe...I am going to attempt Stuffing Muffins to take to LIFEgroup tomorrow night. I had to make a dreaded Walmart run. When I got there, all of the carts had trash in them. All of them! Seriously people, put your garbage in the trash can. It is gross.

Today was also a great day because I went to Fleet Feet and got new running shoes. Yay!!! I love Fleet Feet. My sister Margaret Ann and brother Matthew got me gift cards for Christmas, and I was really thankful for them.

My pretty, shiny Mizuno Wave Inspires are on top. My old and faithful Brooks Ravennas are on bottom.

I will miss the shoes that got me through my first half. I am oddly sentimental about them.

PS- here is a picture of the shorts I won at the poker run.

Have you ever gotten a good prize at a race?

What are your favorite kind of French fries?

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  1. Found an article on stretching before running, it made me think of you. It's kind of interesting.

    I like the shorts you won!

    Oh and 1) no, I've never gotten a prize at a race, I think you know why ;-) 2) curly fries. from Arby's.

  2. This looks like such a fun race! And cajun fries, for sure. The spicier, the better. :)