Monday, February 20, 2012

Pretty Fingers, Pretty Toes

I love having painted nails.  When I was in high school I would do them about every other day, or as soon as they chipped.  I remember getting mad at my high school boyfriend because he didn't notice they were different than the day before (it was high school, that was apparently a way to prove if you loved someone).  I love to coordinate my nails with a fancy outfit or do them in a theme for a holiday.  I personally find this one of the easiest ways to express myself and the girliness that I just can't contain.  It's a cheap way to play around with a look without spending lots of time and money on yourself.  Someday when I have a baby girl I'll paint her nails (I joke with Lee that I would paint her nails in the hospital if we could get away with it.) 

Here's a peek at the tin I keep my nail polishes in:

I usually do them myself for a few reasons: 1) It's fun to do them 2) I'm cheap 3) After the yucky toe fiasco I'm scare of fungi.  I came across this adorable manicure on and figured it was a fast, easy way to celebrate Valentine's Day on my nails.  (she frequently has cute manicures on her site).

Here are the colors I used:

The first is Essie Grow Stronger.  I try to use that as a base coat or use it when I haven't painted my nails.  My nails tend to peel fairly easily.  Then I used Ulta Lilac Chrome as the base color and NYC 131A Big Apple Red as the heart color.  I sealed it all off with Sally Hansen Miracle Cure as the top coat because apparently I'm out of top coat (I usually use Essie).

Here's my finished result:

Did you notice that I'm not wearing my wedding rings?  I actually frequently don't wear them....For a variety of reasons I won't bore you with here.

Hers turned out a lot cuter than mine, but this is an idea I would love to try again.  I would probably make the hearts bigger.  This was much easier than I expected, even on my right hand (which I think actually looks better than my left hand).

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