Saturday, February 18, 2012

Painting My Face

I love makeup.  I have loved makeup since Santa brought me Jane brand blush and powder in the eighth grade.  I don't wear it everyday (who am I kidding, I don't wear it most days), but I love it still.  At my current job I get messy and sweaty and dirty, so I skip makeup during the week.  But then comes the weekend and all the fun color combinations and possibilities and I just get happy. 

But something bad happened.....



....... I lost my makeup bag.

I don't know how.  I'm not sure when.  The last time I remember putting makeup on was for New Year's Eve.  I always put my makeup on in my bathroom, and that's where I keep it.  I am soooo sad to have lost it, if for no other reason than all of the money invested into my makeup toys.  (But let's keep that a secret between us and not tell my husband.  He might go into cardiac arrest.)  I kept thinking I would find it somewhere, but it's been well over a month, so I'm starting to doubt.  So now I'm stuck trying to decide if I should replace everything or just wait.  What is the bare minimum amount of makeup I can get by with?  I miss all of my old stuff.  The only good aspect of this is the potential for all the new makeup I get to buy (again, let's keep that on the DL and not tell Lee exactly how much makeup costs, even from Target).  My friend Tara did help me out by giving me some makeup, which has been a lifesaver for church and social functions.

So in the spirit of new makeup, let's celebrate the fun that is makeup!  Here are a few of some of my favorite products:

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer

Best eyeshadow primer ever.  It glides on smooth and really lasts.

Works great alone or under makeup.  Makes my pores look smaller, which is a miracle.

Benefit Powder

Comes with a sponge and a brush.  Got this when I went to visit Lee for his basic training graduation in May and it had had lasted until I lost it.

So creamy and lightweight.

I feel like I look so pretty when I use this around my temples or to highlight my cheeks.  And it looks amazing in photos.

Benefit Blush

My favorite blush.  It is so bright and pink and has tiny little sparkles in it.

These are expensive.  But they glide on so smooth and effortless and come in so many colors.

There's not mascara on here because I can't commit to a mascara.  I pretty much try every new one that comes out.  I love DiorShow mascara most of all, but I go through it so fast that I'm not sure it's worth the cost.

What's your favorite makeup?  Where do you like to buy it from?  Any suggestions for me?

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  1. I have the urban decay primer! LOVE IT! I got it for Christmas - it was the first time I have ever had eyeshadow primer. I'm a convert.