Friday, February 17, 2012

Fitness Loves of the Week

So I found this awesome "Fitness Loves of the Week" from In Sweetness and In Health.  I plan on trying to participate from now on.  My husband is currently on overnight shifts on Friday nights, and I've been attempting to make sure that I still work out on Fridays.  It's a pretty dead day at my gym, and it's nice to have space to myself.

Today I was home sick.  I went to the doctor on Wednesday after being sick for a few days.  My primary care doctor was out (which was kind of stinky because this wasn't one of my random hypochondriac visits where he had to tell me to stop looking things up on the Internet- I was actually sick this time).  I had to see another doctor in the practice who started talking to me about politics, which I so did not care about as I huddled wanly in the fluorescent lights on that tiny chair/bed thing covered in paper.  The dr told me I was either getting over the flu (which I don't think I had) or it was just a virus.  He told me not to go back to work until Monday, which was outrageous to me.  It proved to be true though (of course), because my fever didn't break until late last night and my cough still sounded ferocious until this morning. 

So while the extent of my working out today consisted of actually getting out of bed and into the shower (which was really quite a feat), I figured I would tell you about what I have been doing to work out.

Jamie Eason Live Fit Trainer

I've never lifted weights before, not really.  Here and there, but just little girlie things with five pound weights.  I started doing this trainer and I have LOVED it.  I have such a sense of accomplishment when lifting weights.  I adore it so far.  I've about eight weeks in and have truly enjoyed it.  There is a video accompanying each exercise in case you don't know how to do it (I watch every video because I don't know what 97% of it is).  I've used machines I didn't now existed.  I really like seeing progress- it's awesome to try a harder weight and be successful.

Do you lift weights?  Do you follow a program?

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