Monday, January 16, 2012

First Run of 2012


Lee and I were at the gym today when I got a text from Stephanie asking if I wanted to run.  I was a little nervous because the last time I ran was over a month ago, and it was inside on my home treadmill.  After a brutal Shoulders and Abs workout (more on that later), I met Stephanie at the softball field.

Our stats were pretty dismal (due to my frequent stops and us walking the whole first mile), but we ended up with 2.36 miles (3 laps at the softball field) in 36:49.  But I just keep thinking of this post I saw on Pinterest:

We are going to run in the morning and hopefully that 36 is going to turn into a 33!  It amazes me how quickly my body "forgets" how to run.


For the past few weeks I have been following the Jamie Eason Live Fit workout plan on  It is my first time to go on the "boy side" of the gym and use weights.  It's been hard and also incredibly fun.  Every day has been a new challenge.  I have discovered that I am a weakling!  I haven't advanced past ten pound weights on most of the exercises for my arms.  Today I did my first Shoulders and Abs workout and it kicked my booty!  I had to use five pound dumbells and some of the exercises were still too hard.  I love the website because it is free and it has a detailed video on how to do each exercise.

Have you ever lifted weights?  Did you enjoy it?  If you are a girl, was it hard to go onto the side more heavily populated by men?

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