Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I ran tonight! Well, it was more of a jog or a slow canter. But it still happened! And my toe didn't hurt one bit. (Although it is trying to give me trouble now that I'm home. It's actually starting to look like I never had the procedure done at all. Oh no.)

This is me saying "Here goes nothing!". My darling sister/ roommate/ running buddy and I did about a mile and a half, maybe two. It was slow, but wonderful. Running really is my therapy. The wind was cool and gentle, the moon and stars illuminated our path, and I felt totally alive.

I had forgotten how running makes the world make a little more sense. I am a better person when I run. Especially when it's just God and me, pounding the pavement.

I'm up again with a late night of homework... Boo. I don't care about research methods or statistics or hair cells. But I don't mind studying for my Personality of Psych test. That class actually applies to my current job and the future paths I may take.

Did you enjoy any of your college classes? Did many of them actually apply to your post college job?

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  1. Oh my gosh! This is exciting! Is your toe any better today?

    You don't care about hair cells? :-/ odd....

    I know the frustration of pointless classes though....grr....I still resent calculus.

  2. I am pretty much ignoring my toe. It doesn't hurt, and I'm putting the topical stuff on it every night like she told me too. Although I haven't bought the vitamins because I am having a hard time finding them. So for now, "the toe is fine".