Friday, April 8, 2011

I Like Talking About You You You Usually...

I am lucky to have great friends supporting me while my husband is away. One of those friends is Joe, who is a former Navy member. He graciously offered to take some photos of me so that I could send them to my Airman. Here are a few of the ones he took.

Well, that was enough of me...

Tonight I was able to spend the night with my beautiful sister in law. She is truly an angel, and I realize how lucky I am to get along with and enjoy my in laws.

Now I am sitting at my in laws' house watching DC Cupcakes. I get a kick out of watching the interaction between the sisters. They love pink and I love pink too. And I also love cupcakes. Seriously. I wish I could wear a pink apron and pink rain boots to work every day. Actually, I probably could get away with that. Hmmm. Something to consider.

Could you wear a pink apron or pink rain boots to your job?

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  1. I think that's one of the few Toby Keith songs I like ;-)

    Love the pictures!!

    What is DC cupcakes? I miss out on all these new reality that coupon one!

    I suppose I could wear pink rain boots and an apron to work....but I probably wouldn't. The last time I was about to buy another black shirt I forced myself to buy it in a different color and now I never wear it, lol. I'm trying to find some way to wear it that I find acceptable. I think I need a black vest or something. Holy rambling batman! Sorry, I'm done.

  2. what a blessing to have such support. I would definitely need those people in my life. Wish I lived closer, I'd come keep you entertained for days. hehe.

  3. Oh LC, I'm sure we could have all sorts of fun. Seriously.

    And L, DC Cupcakes is a show on TLC that I only watch when I go to my in-laws (they have cable, ooooh). It's two sisters who have a bakery. It's cute.