Thursday, January 7, 2010

Training Schedules and Heel Pain

I have officially run four miles without stopping.  Twice!  The first time I did exactly four miles in 41:39, and three days later I did 4.06 in 42:02.  Which is exciting to me- not only am I running without stopping, I am running somewhat fast (For me.  Remember I am a slow-poke).

The downside to all the running is heel pain.  It's more severe in my right heel, and I've got to fix it- fast.  I know I haven't been stretching as much as needed, but I'm also not sure what to stretch to prevent heel pain (my calves???).  I've been logging a lot of miles on the rough concrete at All American (darn you cold winter weather/ I miss you nice outside trail).  And to top it off, I'm sure I need new running shoes.  Which is both thrilling and expensive sounding.  I'm hoping the roads will be safe enough so that I can visit Tulsa Runner or Fleet Feet to get fitted for new, beautiful shoes.

Has anyone out there followed a training schedule for a half marathon?  I had picked this one out before I began training, but Runners' World is sending a different one to my email, and my Nike Sportband is telling me something entirely different.  Though I want to continue on with the original schedule, everytime I plug my Nike usb in it tells me I'm behind.  It's time to figure out the farthest I should run prior to the Big Day. 

Current Favorite Product:

I am prone to blisters on my instep.  My primary care physcian (the wonderful Dr. Rider out of the Warren Clinic in Broken Arrow who is also a runner himself) suggested these abrasion covers from Nexcare.  They're cheap (under $4 at your local drugstore), easy to apply, and they work.  I don't run without them.

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