Monday, January 25, 2010

Back from a Break

I ended up taking a break from running last week due to the blister.  The break wasn't actually my idea, but Dr. Lee gave strict orders to stay off it.  I worked out a few times, but nothing gets me that good worked out feeling like running.  (Or that blissful, clear mind.) 

I "ran" in the pool one time  with Lee (while frantically learning pool etiquette and dodging a group of bobbers) and had my regular Wednesday Workout with Danielle.  I was in charge last Wednesday, so I pulled an article from an old Shape magazine I had lying around.  We also did the elliptical (talking the whole time- how blessed I am to have a Godly friend like her!).  Thursday I went up to All American again with my brother and his girly-friend.  They're both on 30 guest passes, and it was fun to go up there with them.  I did another 30 minutes on the elliptical (using one of the cool yellow ones upstairs with the tv on it.  How fun to work out and watch "Project Runway").  Friday and Saturday I had a weekend seminar at NSU over suicide (I learned a lot, but was very sad for a few days afterwards.)

This all to say that I missed running desperately and felt like a slob when I went to workout this morning.  Two miles around the track at 6:30 am- I am really turning into someone else.  I feel like if I let Him, God could use running to transform some of my habits.  Running gives me purpose, evokes passion, teaches me discipline.  And I get to wear cute workout clothes.  :)

I found this cute sports bra on the Old Navy website.  I don't know how cute it would be in real life, but it's sure cute on the internet.  (Can I use the word cute any more times here?)

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