Saturday, February 6, 2010

Frozen Fingers, Frozen Toes, Frozen Eyelashes, Frozen Nose

Today was a crazy busy and very fun day.  My alarm went off at six to run, and I talked myself out of it because the "sun wasn't up."  Well duh, it's winter and of course the sun is not awake that early.  I rolled over and ignored it.

Unfortunately, the alarm went off again.  Lauren (my beautiful sis-in-law)  and I coach Upward cheerleading, and we had an early game.  I climbed out of bed and managed to make it there.  Our little cheerleaders are adorable and never stop talking.  They are also so hilarious and creative.  Here is a picture they insisted I take of them "sleeping."

How sweeet are they?

After the game I ran home and started getting ready for a Premier Jewelry Show.  I have been selling Premier for almost a year, but haven't done a show in a few months due to the hectic schedule of my full time school and my full time work.  My friend Tara (a home-based educator at CARD Early Learning Center with me) wanted to do a show, and I was thrilled to do it for her.  Her house was decorated in a really unique, funky style.  I especially enjoyed her leopard print carpet on the stairs and in the game room.  I think the show went well, and hopefully she'll get a lot of free jewelry.  Premier has a promotion right now that if a show goes over $450, the hostess earns 50% in free jewelry as opposed to the normal 30%.  She wasn't quite there when I left, so if anyone wants to put in an order, just let me know.

Here is a picture of one of my favorite pieces.  It's the Devotion necklace.  The best part about it is that the pendant has a magnetic closure, and is also reversible (the other side is just silver and black.)  I usually take the pendant off and put it on a couple of other necklaces that I like.  (Photography by Laurie Ariola,

After the jewlery fashion show, I went back home and snuggled with the puppies a bit.  I love my dogs and have missed them lately.  I finally amped myself up for a run, and set out for a few easy miles.

Here a few pictures of my run.  I was inspired to do this by reading this blog.  I found her in the forums of Runners World magazine and enjoy her.  She's funny, fashionable, and it seems like the girl can run.  I'm impressed.

Getting bundled up at home...yes, I realize I don't match.  Nothing I had on matched.  Usually I care, but I don't really have any cute sets of winter workout wear.  Winter clothes are so expensive! 

At the trail...supposedly it is only 8/10ths of a mile, but all of my other sources (excluding the sign at the actual trail) cite it as more.

Construction.  It's never ending.  I used to park where the scooper one is.

My new shoes! 

If this is really how I move when I run, then I need to work on my form!!!  Why is my left foot turned inwards so much?  I also learned that when running, both feet leave the ground.  Who knew?  Okay, Derek, Cory, and Trevor all knew...but it was new to me.

Stretching after the run.  Hard to do in such freezing weather.  My rear was cold on that pavement!

I tried to take a picture of the temperature about a five times.  I ended up in the mirror reflection, but it proves that it was 39 degrees out there.  Brrr.

I'm making it my goal to run three times next week.  I'm going to aim to do four miles on Saturday and catch back up to where I was.

Good night!  Sleep tight!

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