Friday, October 7, 2011


Our house flooded early last week. I walked in to our office/ storage space to grab a pair of scrubs and experienced a gush of water flowing over my foot. What an early morning surprise!

It turned out that two rooms of the house and some hallway space had flooded. We're still not entirely sure why. We had to rip up the carpet and the house is still drying out. It smells damp and moldy. Since Lee's grandpa built the house 55-plus years ago, there are a few special aspects to that house, including the fact that the windows don't open and some lovely yellow linoleum that looks like carpet.

In a miracle show that only God can be recognized for, the majority of our stuff that was resting on the soaked carpet remained dry. Considering all the supplies my sister had been storing to take to Africa were in there, as well as three boxes of childhood memories, that was pretty dang awesome.

Staying at the in-laws has been pretty fun. I enjoy seeing them and spending time with their dogs. And they have cable! And snacks. It has been a little annoying trying to shuttle my clothes and toiletries back and forth. It seems like I never have what I need in the place I am located. It also has been a pain driving 15 minutes each way to go home and play/feed/ love on our dogs. Other than that, it has been enjoyable staying over here.

Have you ever had a flooded home? What did you do?

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