Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Whoo- New Race Training

Today my friend Stephanie and I signed up for the Rt 66 half in November.  Well, we actually signed up for training through Fleet Feet.  Stephanie hasn't ran a half before, and I would really like to step up from my first, so I am totally excited about the personalized training.

I also had two $25 gift certificates to use there, which means I got two pairs of Nike shorts for $22.  Yeah.  A pink pair and a purple pair.  That's awesome.   

I spent waaay too much time on homework today.  Two of my three classes are fast-track and will last only a month.  I am loving all three classes and what I am learning.  It is so great to feel such a good fit with my major (which will be my degree in a few short months.)  I have a Youth Offenders class, one over Family and Child Welfare, and Intro to Social Work.  Whooo!

I got to talk to my airman a little tonight.  He is at the stage in technical school where he can get off base (ATP, I think.)  It's wonderful to Skype and call and text and email....so much better than when he was in BMT (bootcamp).  Although it's still another twelve weeks until he is home, it makes it better to actually get to speak to him now.  Although now he knows how much I cry.  Haha.  I bet he didn't miss the normal things like PMS and my money habits and when I don't want to kill a spider.  Tonight I asked him how to find studs so that I can hang a clock.  Sometimes I am seriously such a girl.

Have you heard of Pinterest?  It's my new favorite site.  My youngest sister got me totally hooked on it.  I love looking at the beautiful food creations, the DIY projects, the fashion, the home decor.  Basically I just love it all.  Check it out!!!

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