Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We Love Fish Tacos

So by the way, fish tacos are more than just fish sticks on a regular taco.  Wish my sisters and I had thought that out a little better.  Fish tacos are one of my favorite foods, but I've never made them myself.  We should have googled it, because they just were kind of unassuming and boring.  And also, is a website.  For real.

This is not what ours looked like, unfortunately

Wednesdays and Thursdays we watch So You Think You Can Dance together.  It's our favorite (well, behind NCIS).  That show amazes me with the amount of raw talent.  Maybe it's because I only took dance to straighten out my feet and posture (I had to wear braces on my feet when I was little even), or maybe it's because I can't get halfway close to the splits and even touching my toes is hard sometimes, but that show blows my mind.  Not only are the dancers amazing, but the choreographers and the costume designers as well.  I don't have a favorite yet, but my favorite dance of the night was Melanie and Marko. 

I've read a bunch of random books lately.  Most have been boring, but I did enjoy the first novel in the Sookie Stackhouse series.  The Gossip Girl prequel was pretty much the same as the actual show (with a few random changes), The Nine Lives of Chloe King was a teen novel that felt like a teen novel, and Deja Dead (the book on which the tv show Bones is based) was so totally different from the television show that I couldn't even begin to get into it.  And it was set in Canada.  I have The Shadow Thieves by Anne Ursu to read next.  What are you reading?  Do you have any suggestions? 

If you like to read, you really need to check out  Basically the concept of the site is that you post to your "bookshelf" any books you don't want anymore.  Someone requests the book and you send it to them via media mail (about $2.40).  They credit your account, and you are able to request any book on the site, which is then sent to you for free.  You also get two free credits just for posting your first ten books on the site.  I have loved using it so far and have had no problems.  I have received four books from the site and sent one.  (If that seems like bad math to you, it's because it is.  You can also buy three credits for $10).  The only issue I really see with it is that you have to have books people want to request.  Some of the ones I posted are kind of obscure, so it's possible no one will ever request them.  I guess that's where being able to purchase credits come in nicely.  Because $10 for three books is still pretty good.  Sister sites also exist for cds and dvds, though I haven't used them.

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  1. I really liked China (sp?) and was sad to see her go. I thought her audition was the best!

    I am currently reading 206 Bones. It's in the book series that the tv show "Bones" is based on. It's not bad, but sometimes I feel Kathy Reichs tries too hard to be "cool". I think I just like the show better (David Boreanaz please. I always hear his voice when I'm reading).

    I need to check out that website!