Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bye Bye, Dairy!

Growing up, my mom told us that my three siblings and I were allergic to dairy.  We didn't drink or eat many dairy products.  As an adult, I pretty much stuck to a fairly dairy-free lifestyle.  With the exception of ice cream and milk with Oreos, I didn't consume much dairy.  In the past few years, it started to creep in a little more into my daily life, and it hurt.  Most dairy made me sick to my stomach...or worse.  Last week I decided to go to the doctor and get an official diagnosis.  I have a great primary care physician who listens really well to my ailments (although I think he gets pretty tired of my many mystery issues.  And he did tell me awhile back not to googleanymore before I come in.  Whoops).  He did tell me that I was lactose intolerant, though he told me to watch my gluten intake as well as many times one can be confused for the other or one can invariably lead to the other.

Knowing that I am lactose intolerant honestly will make few changes in my life.  I know that I have the option of taking Lactaid pills if I want something with dairy.  However, most of the dairy that I want to eat I should probably avoid anyway- ice cream, milk with oreos, milk in my coffee.  I drink almond or soy milk at home and yogurt doesn't bother me, so I honestly think I am going to be okay.  This isn't devastating news for me, and I am glad to know that it is what it is.

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