Tuesday, December 14, 2010

On the 2nd Day of Christmas...

...My cousin made with me- Sausage balls and chocolate pretzels!

My oldest cousin Britni came over and helped me make some yummy food.  But first was present time.

A bag for Britni.

And the Pioneer Woman cookbook for me!!

Sausage balls:

Iphone friends.

One lonely sausage ball, waiting for a family.

So somehow these came out flat...I think we decided that there wasn't enough sausage to parts Bisquick and cheese.  Which is crazy, because I left out over a cup of Bisquick.  Not really sure what happened.  However, they tasted amazing.

The caramel wasn't exactly caramelly.  Uh-oh.

Pretzels kept breaking and sticking and all sorts of a hot mess.

The babies were pretzel beggars.

Starting over with new pretzel rods and melted chocolate.

Butterscotch was a failure too.  Whoops.  Not only was it out of date (expiration date was February), it didn't melt.

Decorating was so fun.  Ps, am I not styling or what?


The carnage.

The tongs were not helpful.


The skewers helped a little, but not enough.

Happy Birthday, Aunt Twyla!  And thanks Britni for doing the dishes!

Mint chocolate pretzels.  Not that good in your mouth.

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