Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

It's here!!!!!

This morning Lee and I met his dad, sister, and her soon-to-be in-laws at one of our local diners for breakfast. Tastee Treat is a Broken Arrow favorite, and members of Lee's family can pretty much be found there on a daily basis. When we placed our order, the sweet waitress told us "Merry Christmas" and refused our payment. This is especially beautiful to us because we found out Monday that Lee's company had shut its doors and my husband (and Lauren's husband-to-be) are both without a job. Lee is especially in a pickle because he leaves March 15th for basic training in Texas. This makes it complicated for him finding a new job that he would only have for a few months.

We are confident in God's plan, but it is especially interesting to be in this situation at a time when we are celebrating the birth of Jesus. How can we fear?

Tonight we got to celebrate with Lee's dad's side of the family. It was fun to see them. There are some younger cousins on that side and I enjoyed watching them run around screaming about a ghost in the bathroom.

After we left his aunt's, Lee and I drove through the Rhema lights. My cell phone pictures are horribly inadequate.

Merry Christmas Eve!!

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