Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Freedom and Self-Indulgence

My Spring 2010 semester is finally OVER!  I know that I made a B in one of the classes I struggled with the most (the Mental Tests and Measures class where the final was over all the presentations.)  Awesome.

I couldn't have done it without the amazing "Good Luck" cupcakes my sisters brought by.  Funfetti cake, yum.  By the way, my mom has had that Tupperware container for about twenty years. 

To celebrate my completion of the weird semester, I took some of the money from book buyback and went shopping. 

First stop was Marshall's.  Not only did I find Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day products on sale, but I found cookbooks- my favorite!

I will add them to the others in my collection....

Can you tell that I really love cookbooks?  I am pretty excited to cook out of the Jewish Princess book as I've never cooked anything Kosher before. 

Then I headed over to Target.  I found some shirts for my hard-working husband.  Then I got sucked into a book called Loose Girl: A Memoir of Promiscuity.  I was looking through books and wanted to know if it was fact or thing I know, it's been thirty minutes, and I'm still standing in the aisle leaned up against my cart.  And the book wasn't even good.

After that I went to the health section to buy vitamins.  I usually take the Target brand of gummy multi-vitamins, but they were out.  So I bought these instead.  I think they taste better when you're chewing them, but I feel like they kind of have a little aftertaste.  Hm.  And the prenatal vitamins are not a coy way of telling you all that I'm pregnant.  So I don't want to hear anything about it!

Oh, I also bought a cute dress off the clearance rack.  I've been wanting a maxi-dress since last summer.  I was in my friend Joani's wedding, and two of her guests were a pair of gorgeous sisters wearing beautiful maxi-dresses.  I wanted to be them- their long hair flowing on the dance floor, their arm muscles, their pretty dresses.  And now it can be me!  (Minus the long hair and the muscles.)

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