Sunday, May 9, 2010

Almost Vegetarian

It's been nine days of my Meatless May.  Here are my thoughts so far...


  • I feel healthier.
  • I've lost about four pounds.  (Which may be unrealated, but it's a happy thing to lose weight, so I'm counting it as a pro.)
  • I've saved money by not buying meat.
  • I feel like my stomach hurts less.  (Which again may be unrelated, but at this point I'm going to claim it for the vegetarianism again.)
  • I like to think I'm making the world a better place by not supporting  the icky aspects of meat farming.
  • It's fun to try something new.
  • I don't really miss meat too much.


  • It's hard to plan around dates with friends, going to Lee's grandma's, etc.  It turns out I am rarely in control of my meals.
  • Sometimes I forget...until I'm halfway through my burger.
  • I'm not very good at getting my protein from other sources.
  • People think it's weird.
  • Oklahoma doesn't seem too vegetarian-friendly.

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