Sunday, April 4, 2010

My First 10-K!

I ran my first official 10k yesterday!!!  I also learned that my Nike Sportband is waaay off.  I had suspected this for awhile, but it was proven to me that at the end of my 10k (six miles), my sportband read 7.04.  Ouch.  Which freaked me out, because I often trust the distance on it.  So here I've been thinking I've been running certain distances as I train, when in fact I'm running less.  Oh well, now I know.  I attempted to calibrate it, but we'll see how effective it is.

I got everything ready the night before.  I actually ended up wearing different shorts (because "they" say not to do anything different on race day, and I hadn't worn those undies in awhile, and I for sure did not want to be pulling wedgies for six miles).

Getting ready to leave for the race.  It was still pretty chilly out.  I had a blueberry crisp Clif bar, which was entirely too sweet for early in the morning.

My faithful chauffeur and photographer.  I love him.

At the starting line.  Very, very nervous.

Rounding the final corner...a really nice man had just run by and said "Ok girls, this is go time.  Sprint for it."  So I did.  His motivation was exactly what I needed at that time.

I did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!  One hour, six minutes, and thirty-one seconds.  Then I collapsed and hyperventilated.  And cried a little. 

5th in my age group!  I think there were only five of us, but still!  The official results aren't posted to the website yet, but I took this picture as they displayed them at the race.

Rocking the compression socks. 

Catching some sunshine....this warmer weather is amazing.

So tired now...wishing I could go take a nap.  Instead it was on to a baby shower.  Which is a happy thing, I was just spent after my emotional rollercoaster and run.

The race as a whole was nice.  It was the first time I've ran an open course during a race.  I didn't think it was good or bad, just different.  I was a little worried that I was going to get run over by a cyclist and not finish the race.  But other than that, it was nice to run along the river and see everyone out on a Saturday morning. 

I registered online and picked my packet up at Fleet Feet on Friday.  That process was easy, and cheaper than registering in person.  It was confusing trying to find parking the morning of the race (mostly because I didn't even know OSU had a separate Tulsa campus for their medical college), but other than that, everything else was clearly marked.

I spent most of the race mostly by myself.  For the first four miles or so I kept up with a girl with a long ponytail, but after that fourth mile she took off.  She only finished a few minutes in front of me, but I want to know how she had the endurance to pick it up so much in the end.  I didn't see her consume any nutrition either, so I'm really curious.  I brought a gel with me...which I seriously regretted.  I had grabbed a Clif Mocha gel, which I'd never tasted.  I honestly wanted to throw up when I ate it.  It is not a flavor that I like....I guess I need to stick to the berry flavors.

I am so excited and happy and proud and scared now.  Scared because six miles made me tired and in three weeks I have to do thirteen point one.....oh boy.

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