Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Is It Summer Yet?

My last day of the semester is the 12th....which at this moment may as well me August 12th.  I am so over this semester with it's boring classes that I don't care about.  I'm tired of working all day and going to school all night and never having a clue what's going on.  I would like to sleep for more than five hours.  I would like to see my husband.  I would like to watch tv.  I would like to not go to statistics anymore.

And what's so crazy is to think that I still have four semesters left (barring any unplanned events like pregnancy or job loss or the Rapture).  As much as I feel the horror of two more years at NSU (where I can't get advised correctly to save my life), I also feel a little surprised that in two years I'll be done with my bachelor's degree.  Since I've gone part-time or not at all for the last six years, two years seems kind of short to me.

But only two years (and the economy and any of those above unplanned events) stands between me and working in the field of adoption.  I am so excited about the day I get to start helping children find their forever families.  I almost want to cry thinking about it.

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