Monday, March 1, 2010

Gels and Shadows

In all of my birthday excitement, I forgot to mention that Lee and I went for a long run on Saturday.  Though it was frigidly cold, we bundled up and ran at the softball park.  I lost most of my layers within the first mile, so I aplogize for my hat hair in the upcoming pictures.

We ran a sub 30 minute 5k!!  It is seriously so exciting to me when this happens.

Trying to make it around the "lake". 

My sunglasses kept fogging up.  But I don't want to pay for good running sunglasses.  Though I have some picked out in case I win the lottery.

I think this was my next-to-last lap.  I experimented using a Cliff gel at mile 5 (even though most people recommend that you don't use one until after you've been working out for over an hour.)  If you have never tried one before, let me explain to you that your very first thought is "I'm suffocating!!!"  Then there is an overwhelming salty sensation.  And then sweet berry goodness takes over.  I didn't feel any sudden rush of energy or anything, but I do think my recovery was less brutal than usual.

Finishing up my 5.55 miles (in 52.53 minutes).  Just starting to get tired.  Felt like I could have kept going, which is good because in eight weeks I have to run thirteen miles!!  Whooo!

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