Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Food (Round Two)

6:45 am- Another QT morning.  Actually, every morning is a QT morning.  Let's just be honest.  It was my first time to try a Slim Fast optima bar.  My stomach was pretty upset later, and I'm not sure if that caused it or not.

8:30 am- Breakfast at school.  I ate a few bites of the eggs (I swear they put ham grease in there) and the inside of my cinnamon toast.

11 am- Lunch- I decimated this plate.  Yum.

2:50- Mid-afternoon snack.  One of my co-workers got this Sprite for me, and I ate one piece of chocolate out of this before conducting a home visit.  I was bored and nervous.

4:45 pm- Snack at school.  I ate the crackers, ham, and cheese that I didn't eat in class Monday.  (Which is only four, don't get too excited.)
7:30 pm- Waiting for my parents to get home to eat dinner.  I was about to lose my mind from my extreme hunger, so I ate three or four of these.  I regretted it instantly.  I need to put healthy snacks in my purse.

8:30 pm- My parents made it home from the grocery store.  BBQ chicken commenced.  Yum.  I ate two sandwiches, which I never do.  I told y'all I was hungry.

Oh, and the sweet potato fries.  I love these.  As well as the "pink sauce" Laurie introduced me to.

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