Sunday, December 27, 2009

All American

The weather here in Oklahoma is not cooperating with the running....there is no way I am getting out in the ice and snow to run outside.  Which meant it was on to the gym for me today.

Lee and I joined All American the week before Thanksgiving.  Our cousins, Todd and Danielle, had just joined and were our main motivation to join there instead of the new Gold's gym that was just opened.  I had never been a member of a gym before, and it made me think of the episode of "Friends" where Ross tries to "quit the gym."  So far I have loved All American.  I was nervous that everyone there would be super-fit and that I would stick out like the non-athlete that I am.  However, everyone there is super nice, and I have to say that I look more at home there than many of the other people I see there.  (Like the people working out in jeans.  I just don't get that.  Were they driving down the road and think "Oh, I should go work out.  But wait, I don't have any workout clothes.  Oh well, I'll just wear my jeans.")  I've enjoyed the tanning bed and am really looking forward to using the pool and sauna once I buy a one-piece swimsuit.  (Any suggestions on where to buy an athletic, cheap swimsuit in the middle of the winter?) 

My only complaint about All American is that the running track requires 11 laps to make a mile.  Eleven!!  I get to lap four and think "Is this lap four?  Or did I forget to count the last lap?  But wait, surely I'm not on lap five.  Maybe I'm still on three."  So now that I am working on three-plus miles and am having to keep track of thirty-three laps, I'm having the worst time making sure I know what lap I'm on.  I've resorted to a very primitive counting system on my fingers.  My mother-in-law bought be the Nike/Ipod shoe insert for Chirstmas, and I was really excited about using it and fixing my little counting problem.  But alas, it is incompatible with my Ipod Shuffle.  So I am giving it to Lee, and will buy the pink Nike bracelet instead.  I'm really looking forward to it and want to go buy it right now.

Working out a the gym does give me the chance to observe a lot of hilarious occurances.  I like to people watch and have to be careful not to stare at people while on the cardio machines.  (Though sometimes when it looks like I'm staring I'm really just zoned out and deep in thought while trying to pass the time.)  Today when I went into the locker room to collect my things at the end of my run there was a lady using the hand dryer by the sink to blow dry her hair.  I had to turn around to avoid laughing at her.

Today's stats: 3 mile run in 35 minutes (first mile at 9 minutes) 

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