Monday, July 4, 2011

My hunny came home!

My sweet airman was granted leave for the holiday weekend. He and a friend drove a rental car and picked up a third friend along the way. Lee dropped them off in a nearby college town, and then came to see me!

The dogs were a little mad at first, especially Callie, who is "his" dog. But they got over it.

Of course our first stop was at our favorite gas and drink place. I seriously love Quik Trip.

And of course I was a girl and all worries about how funky my bangs were acting.

With his good looking family at Outback. When Lee left, his sister was still engaged. When Lee came back, he had a new brother!! Pretty cool.

Us in the car on the way to see my parents and sisters. It kind of stunk that my brother and Lee misses each other at home by two days, but they will both be home by September. Then they can have brother time.

Lee and I at his granny's for Sunday dinner. Almost the whole family was there. I love when we are all together. And his grandma made his "Branson dinner", which is apparently a form of succotash. Lee said it was the first time he's had seconds since before he left.

Here we are on a date!!! We went to Los Cabos. Yum. There was a live band and fireworks. And a storm warning. Of course, it's Oklahoma.

I love this man. He leaves in less than six hours to finish technical school. But he will be home in eight weeks!!!!!!!!!!

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