Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sickie and Studying

My sweet husband was kind enough to pass along the stomach flu he had over the weekend.  I left work at 8:30 yesterday and spent the rest of the day and all of today home sick and miserable.  Of course I took good care of the hubby over the weekend, but when I got sick, he was working a 24 hour shift and I was sick at home alone.  Luckily my doggies were more than willing to cuddle up with me on the couch, which they are normally not allowed to do.  Quincy gave me kisses and got me laughing when I felt extra terrible.  Sweet boy.  I woke up at 2 pm today and finished some last minute homework (Tuesday is normally my homework day, so I missed that chunk of time to finish the week's assignments).  Then I had to drag myself to class and pretend that I was interested in personality types and the differences in my classmates.  Normally that would fascinate me, but I felt too terrible to care.

Now I am sitting at home doing a study guide for my class tomorrow night.  The test is over five chapters and the study guide makes no sense.  One of my questions started out "For which of the following...", but the study guide is fill in the blank.  Oh my.  So let me procrastinate for a minute and keep blogging.

I can't believe that I have only twenty-seven credit hours left until I have my degree in mental health psychology.  Even though it's not a degree that I ever wanted, it's still a degree.  My degree.  With graduation comes the dilemma- to continue on and get my masters degree or to start a family?  Is it possible to do both?  Which is more important to me from a spiritual standpoint?  The more I think about it, the more I believe that God wants to bless Lee and I with many children, children to raise to know and love and serve Him.  But I also feel that I need to glorify God in my job, and have always felt that I need to work in adoption or humanitarian aid or counseling. 

So many questions!  Big questions!  I assumed that I wouldn't get senioritis since I am twenty-five and married and have a job that I enjoy.  But senioritis creeped up on me anyway- sneaky, sneaky!

Ok, I've wasted enough time.  The silly study guide is calling my name.  Catch you guys on the flip side!

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  1. Katherine! thanks for the comment--even if I am just now responding! It's nice to know someone is reading my silly blog! Heath is just in his first year of law school, so we have 2 left after this one! I can't wait, and I don't think he can either! What are you up to these days!? It was so good to hear from you!