Monday, November 1, 2010

Biggest Loser and Bones

Hello all!!!
Today started the kick off the the Biggest Loser at my job.  We are going to start weighing in every Friday and have our final weigh in on December 10th.  I know that I won't "win" (winner is the one who loses the highest percentage of their body weight), but I am really excited about everyone trying together to eat well and work out.  I mostly just want to slim down (my pants are too tight) and find some lean definition.  And start thinking about running again!!  (If I could ever get this toe to cooperate.)  I went to the grocery store and stocked up on healthy snack items (yay, hummus).  And when I got home from class today, I worked out!  I had an unopened exercise dvd on the shelf, so I broke open...

The pussycat dolls!  I'm not sure what caused me to buy this dvd.  Perhaps it was the accompanying free subscription to Fitness magazine?  The dvd was fun, but not a work out I would do in front of my little's pretty skanky.  Fun, but skanky. 
Current weight: 133.6
Goal Weight:  121

If you have any healthy eating or workout advice, please pass it along.  I would love some good tips.


Have any of you watched this show?  Lee and I just finished the third season.  In the last episode, a fairly central character is revealed to be the apprentice of a serial killer.  The character had fallen victim to their pure logic, and was persuaded by "the master" to make the world and mankind better by removing evil from it...ironic, huh?  Killing as a tool for goodness.  I was heartbroken when this character was revealed to be the apprentice.  I cried.  And not just a little.  I felt like I had been betrayed by a friend.  This might show that I am to immersed in tv...and it is true that when I like a show I like to watch only that show until I've seen every episode.  But I don't think I've ever watched anything where a "good" character turns out to be bad.  And I guess it was partly due to the fact that this character wasn't bad in an outright, selfish, evil kind of way.  I was so sad for this character.  :( :( :( 

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  1. Hi Katherine! Good luck on you Biggest Loser competition! I could use a little 'toning-up' too but this preggo belly isn't going to help much...

    PS~ We are big Bones fans over here as well! :o)

    Take care!