Sunday, August 29, 2010

Busy, Busy Day

What a beautiful, busy day.

It started with a great church service.  The Holy Spirit was obviously moving throughout the music, with great lyrics and an openess in the room.  I love seeing hands lifted in adoration.  Brother Bob's message was really good (a continuation of the year of prayer and evangelism series he is doing in 2010).  Lee-Husband and I got to work in the nursery during the second hour.  He has rocked babies to sleep plenty of times, but this was his first success at transferring them into a crib without them waking up.  Pretty cool.

After church we headed home to bake some mini oreo cheesecakes that I got from the Peanut Butter Fingers blog.  (Love that girl's blog.)  The dessert was quick and easy to make.  And extremely yummy.

Lee putting the oreos in the bottom of the muffin tins.

Somehow we ended up with a lot of leftover batter.  Like a lot of a lot of leftover batter.  I tried to just eat it all, but I am sad to say that some of it went in the trash. 

Then it was on to Lee-Honey's grandparents for Sunday dinner.  Yum!  His granny had made chicken and noodles and a really good corn and tomato salad.  I love Sundays.  God, food, and family (you know, the important stuff.)  Everyone on his mom's side of the family was there, and it was great to catch up and just be with them.  His family is one of the best- I am so blessed to have them in my lives now.

After we left his grandparents, we went to the gym.  Usually we make it a point to avoid working out on Sundays, but as I had missed my last two runs, we went for it.  I needed it for my mental health!!  I ran what I felt like was a fast two miles plus one lap (I purposely left my watch and Ipod/ Nike shoe thingy at home) and Lee did what he described as a "pull" workout.  The gym was fairly empty, though there were two different fitness classes that happened while I ran.  Everytime I run I think about going to a fitness class, but it just never happens with my schedule.

Next we went to a swim party for our small group from church.  One of the couples hosts it every year near the end of the summer, and it's always a fun, relaxing time.  This was the first year that several of the families had kids, so it was silly to play with the kids in the water.  I don't believe in posting pictures of other people's children on the internet (well, unless I have express permission, which I don't), but I wish that I of the little boys was seriously adorable in his swimsuit with the life jacket attached- what a cutie! 

We didn't stay too long at the pool party, because today is my mom's birthday!!  She is 55 today!!! Woot, woot!  One of my sisters and my brother were both in town to help celebrate.  Yay for casserole and cake.

Some of the birthday goods.

Alicia is obsessed with cows, so she also got a gift.  (I love buying presents.)

After all the party fun, I had to come home and work on some homework for an online class that I have this semester.  One of our assignments was due at 11:30 pm, but it was a group assignment...which meant that at 11 I was still waiting for people in my group to finish up their part of the project.  I don't understand group projects in an online class...

And now it's time for bed!  The week promises to be busy, but hopefully good.  Praying that God refines me and uses me in every situation I find myself in.  2 Cor. 13:11 Finally, brethren, farewell. Aim to be perfect, be of good comfort, be of one mind, live in peace; and the God of love and peace shall be with you.

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