Saturday, September 4, 2010

Food and Football

College football started today!  Well, Lee informs me that it "technically started Thursday", but as today was the first time it crossed my radar, then yes, it started today.

I am wearing what may become my lucky shirt.  We'll see if OU comes through- if so, then it can be my lucky shirt.  Otherwise it will just be my cute shirt.

For the record, I am both an OU and an OSU fan. 

My brother came over tonight.  His college is having a job/ internship fair in a few weeks and we are working on his resume.  He graduated 11th in a class of 1080.  I'm impressed- I would hire him.  He is hoping for a summer internship (he's a petroleum engineering major.)  I hope he gets a chance to learn his future career in a new environment (maybe out of state?  I think he would like that.)


  1. I don't like your lucky shirt. Sorry.

    Good luck Matthew!

  2. I am still an OSU fan at heart! Don't worry. Though my closet doesn't actually represent that.